Geodynamic Apps?

definition of geo·dy·nam·ic: Characterized by constant change, activity, or progress depending on and specific to the place or geographic location.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

Available for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android, our geodynamic apps will look and behave differently depending on where a smart phone user happens to be. If you open the app in Manor, Texas, for example, it will appear tricked out in Manor's custom logo, colors, and menus.

This is a useful shortcut for local governments, who otherwise would have to shell out the cash to develop and maintain their own smart phones apps. Big cities, like Boston and Pittsburgh who've already developed custom apps, can afford this, but many smaller municipalities simply don't have the resources. That's why smaller towns like Hillsborough, CA and Bainbridge Island, WA have been among our first customers.

SeeClickFix understands that different cities have different needs when channeling service requests. To best serve these differencies, our customizable dashboard enables cities to:

1) modify our apps acoording to sevice request type (pot hole repairs, grafitti removal, fallen trees, etc.) and channel (311, Public Works, Parks Department, etc.)

2) update the status of service requests

3) ask users for more information

Our smart phone apps have the potential to bring the accessibility and convenience of a custom app to every municipality in the world. Make your town next.