When in Charlotte, Go Slow.

Kudos to Charlotte, North Carolina's Channel 3 News. The station not only posted our map widget to their website, but added a soon-to-be-regular "See Click Fix" segment to its 6 o' clock news lineup. News Anchor Christine Nelson urged her viewers to report issues "big or small, whatever the case may be. We will step in and help get it fixed. All it takes is the click of a mouse."

From the click of a mouse....

...to the snap of a radar gun,

Nelson might just be the next SeeClickFix superstar.

After reading an SCF report about chronic speeding in a residential neighborhood, she took to the Charlotte streets to investigate herself. Armed with a radar gun, she caught cars doing 40 in a 25 MPH zone. Then she paid a visit to local police to discuss fixing the problem.

Thanks again, Charlotte. We look forward to seeing what other SCF stories Nelson will launch into TV stardom.