When Good Governance comes before Good Technology

I came into the office early this Saturday am to meet Lindsey Hoshaw (@garbagegirl) for a blog interview on SeeClickFix. She's the first journo to visit the office. She's a San Franciscan and was really impressed with New Haven. After dropping her off at the train station I had my hopes up to go pothole hunting in my effort to keep visitors like Lindsey impressed with the city. (Yes, I really do that and no I don't think visitors judge us on our potholes but the little stuff does add up.)

Pothole Spotting Attempt Number 1:
I rounded the first corner with brand new pothole in sight. As I was about to pull out the SeeClickFix app on my phone and report...the New Haven Public Works truck rounds the corner. Two guys jump out of the truck and patch the hole.

Pothole Spotting Attempt Number 2:
I drive on and come to the corner of College and Elm Street, park the car and mobilize for high-tech smart phone pothole reporting. (This is the first pothole season for the SeeClickFix iPhone app so I needed to test if its up for the challenge.)
As I'm getting ready to report I see Michael Jones, Newly appointed Ward 1 Alderman and newly appointed SeeClickFix Watcher. He is a would be recipient of the report I'm about to make.

I talk to the alder on the side of the road. 30 seconds in he starts to smile and says "looks like you're too late." I turn around and my pothole is literally being filled as we speak. I ask the guys if they're going to get to my potholes on Mechanic Street, "There on the list." Mike asks about the really bad one on High Street, "Filled 5 minutes ago"

I'm now back in the office retired to writing blog posts about people filling potholes as opposed to reporting them. Here's to Good Government beating good government gadgets to the punch.

Keep up the good work NHV Public Works!