Bainbridge Island Launches Custom App

the BI gov. sent off the following press release yesterday:

City of Bainbridge Island

City Unveils "SeeClickFix"

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, March 1, 2010 – The City of Bainbridge Island today began a "test drive" for a new tool to give citizens quick access to reporting non-emergency problems to the city using their GPS smart phones or the internet.

Bainbridge is one of six cities in the United States to date to offer its residents the use of "SeeClickFix", a new free software "app" that allows people to quickly report problems from an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone. The SeeClickFix system can also be accessed by direct dial, through email and online.

The phone apps use built-in GPS locators to enable citizens to report problems on the spot, sending an instant report with GPS coordinates and optional photo attachments to a Google Map-based tracking system. Verbal and internet-based reports are routed into the same system by SeeClickFix.

Once the SeeClickFix system receives a report, it generates a message to City staff and posts the information on the SeeClickFix map. This can be accessed either through the City's website, or at Automatic responses keep the citizen reporter informed as progress is made and the problem is resolved. Anyone can view the SeeClickFix map to check on the status of a report, regardless of who has filed the report.

"This is a great example of City staff taking a creative approach to help us improve our cost effectiveness and transparency," said Interim City Manager Lee Walton. Walton noted that the idea of evaluating SeeClickFix was initiated by City staff, who brought the tool to the attention of the administration and took on responsibility for investigating the program and facilitating its implementation.

SeeClickFix is free to citizens; the SeeClickFix account costs the City $100 a month. The SeeClickFix phone app will initially be used by the City's Water Resources and Code Enforcement divisions to monitor water pollution and code enforcement incidents. Reports in these areas will be displayed on the City's website. Other functional areas may be added as the effectiveness of the program is evaluated.

"We want to emphasize that SeeClickFix should be used only for reporting non-emergency issues," Walton said. "In an emergency, residents should still dial 911."

To file a report, SeeClickFix can be accessed via the app on a smart phone, online at the City's website, or, or by direct dial at 1-877-853-1552. To download the free SeeClickFix app, visit or go to your phone's app store.