Got Problems in Philly?

So do Antoinette Johnson and Tyler Westnedge. Here's a picture of their house:

No, it's not the dilapidated hovel in the center of the photo. It's the neat three-story rowhouse just next door.

Living next to this mess has caused already caused them problems - about $9000 worth of them. The drywall in their basement had to be torn away after getting soaked through. The wood in their home's main staircase is rotting from the water seeping through the common wall. Even the brick downstairs is starting to show signs of water damage.

Their problems started about two years ago when the company building the house were denied permits - after they had already started construction. They abandoned the project, leaving a vacant facade with no doors, windows, or roof.

Antoinette and Tyler tried getting in touch with the city to no avail; they filed 11 complaints starting on Nov. 29, 2008. Philadelphia's Licenses & Inspection Dept. came to the site twice but took no action. They reported the problem to 311, only to get redirected back to L&I.

That's when they turned to "At least with them you can see what is happening with your complaint," Antoinette told a reporter from You can view the ticket here.

We've always thought that sunlight was the best disinfectant; let's hope it can do something for Antoniette and Tyler before things start growing in the murky subterranean puddles next to their home.