SeeClickFix Sneaks Under Worcester's Radar

Worcester, Mass's Public Works has been speedy about responding to SeeClickFix posts from its residents. We thought that they just really liked SeeClickFix–according to Wednesday's article in Worcester Magazine, it turns out that they didn't even know they were using it at first.

While Worcester has publicly been trying to make its government more high-tech, the article reports that use of one particularly effective technology has "gone under the radar": SeeClickFix. That technology "is integrated so well into Worcester that no one really seemed to know what it was or how it got here."

SCF user Kevin Ksen said that when he reported an abandoned mattress on the roadside, he got an e-mail from public works three hours later. After talking to the public works administrator who sent him the email, he discovered that "[The DPW employee] had no idea she was a part of SeeClickFix, that's how seamless it is."

We had no idea how smooth we are.

Now SCF is a staple for Ksen and his community group Pleasant Street Network Center, who finds it to be a more efficient way to keep track of issues in their neighborhood.