Graffiti Doesn't Always Have an Address

Worcester residents turned to SeeClickFix to get graffiti removed from a historic monument and popular hiking destination. The Deed Rock (pictured above) is actually an antique legal document from the mid-19th Century. According to the "deed", Solomon Parsons, a devout (and legally savvy) Christian, permanently established God's ownership of the surrounding woods by inscribing the contract's 215 words into stone.

Unfortunately he forgot to carve out a street address for the rock, a necessary piece of information for Worcester's conventional service request forms.

In comments on a blog post that drew attention to the SeeClickFix issue, readers pointed out that Worcester's online issue reporting system is useless if the problem isn't associated with an address. On the other hand, SeeClickFix's use of GPS locating works perfectly for such problems. Public Works officials will know exactly where to go to clean up the rock's graffiti.

Solomon Parsons would be proud.