New Partners Let Their Readers Know About SeeClickFix

The Trentonian gets what we're all about:

"From potholes to graffiti to drug-dealing, neighborhoods are plagued by problems that can make residents feel helpless.

Calls to City Hall fall on deaf ears, and neighbors often lack the organization to unify and demand results.

But today, a powerful digital networking tool is changing all that, and proud to put it in your hands.

It's called SeeClickFix, and you can use it to change your world."

Thank you, This was just one of many glowing reviews published about SeeClickFix today, when our 18 partner sites within the Journal Register Company announced their new partnership with SeeClickFix.

photo courtesy of the Journal Register Company
While the papers have had the widgets up for a week already, today marked the hard launch of the new service. Yesterday we posted their corporate press release, and today each local site came out with its own personal plug for SeeClickFix's widgets.

City governments in these communities are on board as well. Trenton Public Works Director Eric Jackson called Trenton and SeeClickFix a "perfect partnership":

"We frequently talk about building alliances between business, community and government. This represents the essence of that goal. The community becomes the eyes and ears for government and we can respond appropriately,"

JRC sites like The Morning Sun, The Daily Freeman, The Middletown Press, The Troy Record, The Landsdale Reporter, and others all put out similarly exuberant statements about their sites' newest features.

The news of this new partnership, SeeClickFix's largest yet, was also picked up by Newspaper industry journal, Editor and Publisher.

We look forward to building and sustaining this partnership with these new sites, and with new communities of users who continue to discover us through their local papers.