EveryBlock Partners With SeeClickFix

In January 2008, right around the time when SeeClickFix was getting started, a great start-up called EveryBlock was being launched. EveryBlock provides tons of great local data to citizens in most major US cities. Since that time we have received tons of requests from users to work with EveryBlock to display SeeClickFix data.

We are really excited to announce that Dan O'Neil and Adrian Holovaty at EveryBlock have made that possible today and are integrating the display of SeeClickFix data into their site.

As SeeClickFix's API is not finalized and is still looking for feedback here EveryBlock users will have to click through to SeeClickFix to comment on issues. Once the SCF API is finalized we will work with EveryBlock to create the write connection to SeeClickFix as well.

You can view the article on http://paidcontent.org/ and on ReadWriteWeb