Nashville Floods, Fixers Post

Our thoughts are with the people of Nashville who are coping with major floods after a weekend of torrential downpours. Nashville has been one of SeeClickFix's most active communities, given our media partnership with The Tennessean, and flood-related issues have been streaming in. We'll be posting them here in order to keep tabs on them.

Issue 35831: Southbound lane on Blue Hole, south of Bell Rd - Approximately 3' x 9' of road has been washed out and destroyed, creating hazardous conditions if one doesn't know about it. Missing section of asphalt approximately 4-5 inches deep. 5371 Blue Hole Rd,Antioch,TN 37013,USA

Issue 35735: severe flooding, total destruction and loss. 516 Basswood Dr,Nashville,TN 37209,USA

Issue 35724: In 1552 - 1556 Brick Drive Area. Road has sinkhole forming (road is cracking) in the middle of the road that was not there before the flooding this past weekend. 1552-1556 Brick Dr,Nashville,TN 37207,USA

Issue 35639: Pavement, in lane heading towards Old Harding, on Poplar Creek Rd damaged by storms. 8011-8087 Poplar Creek Rd,Nashville,TN 37221,USA

Issue 35589: Automatic sprinklers running during water emergency

Issue 35539: Fesslers Lane is flooded over and there is a police car stationed there keeping cars away. 301-317 Fesslers Ln,Nashville,TN 37210,USA (pictured at right )

Issue 35524:
Why aren't all self-serve car washes in the city closed or roped off since we are under mandatory conservation orders from city of Nashville & state of Tennessee? 1200 Gallatin Ave,Nashville,TN 37206,USA

Issue 35512: This culvert allowing stormwater runoff to Mill Creek has suffered major damage. The road is still passable, but the culvert will wash out with continued stormwater runoff.

Issue 35481: We've had no gas since some time on Sunday. No luck getting through to Piedmont Gas. 311 Chapel Avenue,Nashville,TN 37206,USA

Issue 35480: about 25 homes with severe damage in the Montague Community. 25 Historic houses on Falls Avenue affected. Need dumpsters to handle damaged items & any labor help greatly appreciated 1021 Falls Avenue,Madison,TN 37115

Issue 35478: Madison Blvd from Neely's Bend Rd is flooded. Houses are flooded to the roof. 700-780 Madison Blvd,Madison,TN 37115,USA

Issue 35459: several residents still trapped by surrounding water 113 Rustic Ct,Nashville,TN 37214,USA (pictured at right)

Issue 35456: Flood Debris needs to be picked up (closed around 10 o'clock EST on May 4th).

Issue 35390: @tngurl4274 @SeeTweetFix Sandbaggers Needed Rosa Park Blvd Nashville,Tennessee

Issue 35327: Northbound pavement washed out in right lane immediately after bridge. 10 Thompson Ln,Nashville,TN 37210,USA

Issue 35324: Flood waters ripped off a manhole cover on Hillsboro Road in Green Hills. 3812 Hillsboro Pike,Nashville,TN 37215,USA

Issue 35318: Flooding at Nashville Shores Marina, Hermitage,TN 37076 posted by Rick Harris (pictured at right)

Issue 35204: D Batteries Needed in Flooding at Bellevue Middle School
655 Colice Jeanne RoadNashville,TN 37221

Issue 35165: two mudslides with fallen trees have Dry Fork Road completely blocked, creek bank severly eroded beside road at these points, road may be unstable because of this erosion south of 4415 Dry Fork Road,Whites Creek,USA

Issue 34523: The stream flow under the bridge over Dry Fork Creek on Stenberg is largely blocked by flotsam that piled up in recent heavy rain. The creek was blocked enough that the water reached to bottom structure of the bridge during the storm. The flotsam needs to be removed. 4347 4355 Stenberg Rd,Whites Creek,TN 37189,USA