Watch Where You Park that 18-wheeler!

Watch where you park that 18-wheeler!

Charlotte, NC resident Mrs. Fran Leysath delivered that message loud and clear to the obtrusive trucks blocking in the Rite Aid lot on Harris Boulevard. On a SeeClickFix post in April, Leysath wrote that she was "sick and tired" of the illegally parked vehicles, which were "creating a huge traffic problem," making the neighborhood "look trashy," and "tearing up the parking lot."

Some of the trucks had gotten so comfortable in their spot, it looked as if they were there to stay. Leysath reported that the trucks "have now taken advantage it has become a Long term TRUCK STOP!!"

Luckily for Mrs. Leysath and other neighbors, SeeClickFix brought the problem to the attention of TV news station, and SCF media partner, WBTV as well as the local police.

John Carter from WBTV posted that the station was sending out TV crews to try to catch some trucks in the act. Later that day, a police captain updated the thread to say that 'No Parking' signs had been posted, and vehicles had been towed to send a message.

WBTV ran a quick news spot following up on this issue (see above screen shot). According to a truck driver from a local business, the problem had been fixed.

Mrs. Leysath was astonished: "I cannot believe little me helped to fix this one I will working again with See, Click Fix in the near future in other areas where I have seen potential problems!!"

Once again, cases like this show the potential that SeeClickFix has to unite different entities–like neighbors, local media, local authorities, and local business–in a productive conversation about everyday issues, terminating in a fix.