“Focus on What's Real”

After San Francisco and DC's announcement of their adoption of the Open311 Standard, SeeClickFix got some nice shout outs for our work making open government a reality. In an interview on GovFresh.tv, Phil Ashlock of OpenPlan.org mentioned SeeClickFix as one of the important collaborators that worked to make the Open311 Standards a reality. Listen for the reference a little more than 5 minutes into the following clip.

And Craig Newmark mentioned our work in a talk he gave at a benefit party for Open311. When asked to give some advice to developers on how they could use the new API to develop new programs and applications, Newmark told them:

Focus ... on what's real. Getting the garbage picked up, getting a pot hole fixed. Those are real things. And real things not only do stuff that's of use to us, but it also shows people that something new is happening in government and we all need to get together on it.

Listen for it about 5:45 into the video.