SeeClickFix Piloting 'Community Actions' Feature for Users in New Haven, CT

SeeClickFix is testing a new feature among its users in New Haven. From now on, when New Haven residents view a local issue on SeeClickFix, they'll be encouraged to suggest 'Community Actions' to help get that issue fixed. Community organizers can create 'Events' based on these suggestions, like community meetings or park clean-ups, and publicize the event-details on SeeClickFix.

The decision to add this feature grew out of the company's mission to be as action-oriented as possible and to encourage local communities to work together to help themselves. SeeClickFix's discussion boards have become important forums for the dynamic exchange of ideas and solutions among neighbors. By adding the new "Community Actions" feature, SeeClickFix wants to encourage users to translate the connections made on social media into the physical world, by coming together as a community to fix pressing issues.

Public space advocates have already used the feature to schedule several events in New Haven. SeeClickFix CEO Ben Berkowitz spearheaded the new feature on Sunday, by using SeeClickFix to invite neighbors to a community planting event in the Upper State Street area. Another neighborhood activist has taken advantage of the feature to post details for an upcoming community meeting in The Hill neighborhood.

SeeClickFix is using the Community Action tool to publicize a community clean up of New Haven's Center Green this weekend and would like to extend an open invitation to the New Haven community. SeeClickFix's first Pro client, The Town Green Special Services District, will lead the clean-up on Saturday, May 15 from 8-11 AM to prepare The Green for an action-packed summer, full of concerts and sunbathing.

Click here to RSVP for the clean-up!