SeeClickFix in The Press-Enterprise

Riverside, CA's newspaper The Press-Enterprise featured SeeClickFix in a story Wednesday night about our new partnership with the neighboring City of Corona. On May 4, the city went live with SeeClickFix Plus, which allows Corona citizens to channel service requests to the appropriate city departments using the SeeClickFix smart phone app.

Darrell Talbert, director of the Corona Redevelopment Agency, explained why SeeClickFix works better than traditional call-based reporting: "So many times people see something on their way to home or work. Life gets kind of busy and you forget to report it. Also, sometimes you don't forget to report it but you can't get the right department," he said. SeeClickFix Plus's smart phone apps find the appropriate department for the citizen's request, which eliminates that barrier to speaking up.

Talbert also praised the way that SeeClickFix enables citizens to know when their issues are 'Closed' or 'Acknowledged,' based on the site's labeling system. "It's much more of an immediate reward system. People feel like they're making a difference."

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