An Inside Look at the Housing Crisis

The ailing economy, the foreclosure crisis, the tanking housing market, and high unemployment have coalesced into an economic storm perfectly positioned to wreak havoc on America's neighborhoods. SeeClickFix has become a repository for imagery of abandoned and severely blighted homes in towns and cities throughout the U.S, as users document quality of life issues and discuss potential clean-up events.

Here are some photos and quotes from our users, which provide an inside look into the everyday concerns sparked by the housing crisis.

Pontiac, MI: "the house is so charred, the roof caved in over the porch [...] A strong wind could knock this place down."

Haltom City, TX: There are "Rodents and now cats that come into my yard from this overgrown and filthy location."

Tucson, AZ: "This house is boarded up and its backyard is being used for wildcat dumping"

Corona, CA: "Property abandoned and weeds are out of control!" "The mosquitoes in the green pool are a nightmare as well!"

Pontiac, MI: "burned out house, open to trespass"

New Haven, CT: This house "is a hazard for kids that play around there[...] it has been there for ages now."

Tucson, AZ: "vacant, boarded up, broken windows, homeless breaking into it, high weeds"

Pontiac, MI: "This house has sewage, rats and mold. It is also used for illegal activities."

Corona, CA: "The row of trees are completely dead and should be removed because of fire hazard [...] This is bad for property values."