We're Cool in Canada

The survival of newspaper companies will depend on their ability to make significant changes to their digital strategies. Partnerships with outside specialists, like SeeClickFix, can be an important aspect of new digital tactics, by boosting traffic on newspaper websites.

This was the messaged that John Paton, chief executive of the Journal Register Company (JRC), delivered at the annual conference of the Canadian Newspaper Industry in Toronto, according to Friday's article in the Toronto Star.

Paton was recently brought on to help save CanWest–the country's largest chain–from bankruptcy. CanWest publishes 11 major dailies, including the National Post, Ottawa Citizen and Vancouver Sun.

As chief executive for the JRC, Paton supported the company's partnership with SeeClickFix that launched in April. He called the JRC "the poster child for what ails the newspaper industry. None of these companies will survive unless we profoundly change."

SeeClickFix continues to be part of that change by collaborating with our media partners to reach out to their readers in new, interactive ways.