Update from Lorain

The City of Lorain, Ohio began repairing the much beleaguered Pearl Avenue, according to a Morning Journal report this weekend. The city blocks north of E 36th Street have been substantially upgraded, according to Lorain Public Service Director Robert Gilchrist.

This is an improvement from two weeks ago, when the city told the Morning Journal that there simply was not enough money in the budgets to make the improvements that SeeClickFixers were requesting. Still, there is considerable work left to be done. "Some streets are beyond just patching," Gilchrist told the Journal. "They need to be replaced. It boils down to funding and manpower."

Many issues on SeeClickFix (click here, here, or here) address the section of Pearl Avenue south of where the city has made repairs. We salute the city for their attention to issues on SeeClickFix so far and hope to see improvements on this section of Pearl Avenue soon.