Amplifying Global Voices

SeeClickFix was mentioned today by the blog Global Voices in English in their Technology for Transparency Review. The post focused mostly on technologies working in the developing world, but it mentioned SeeClickFix's mobile apps as the harbingers of what's to come for platforms like Ishki (based in Jordan) and Kiirti (based in India):

It seems likely that the future of civic complaint websites will be increasingly mobile as internet-capable mobile phones become more common in developing countries. We believe that citizens are more likely to file a complaint if they are able to do so immediately from their mobile phone, rather than waiting to return to their computer. Platforms like... SeeClickFix in the United States reveal the potential of marrying mobile applications with web-based map interfaces. The SeeClickFix complaint platform has even been adopted by some politicians, such as Bronx city councilmember Fernando Cabrera, who has put SeeClickFix right on the front page of his website.