SeeClickFix “Sting” in Chicago

A SeeClickFix issue about a dangerous intersection in Chicago led to a police "sting" on Tuesday night. A transportation reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times wrote that plain clothes cops were posing as pedestrians in the crosswalk at the intersection of Belmont and Seminary. Cars that did not yield were pulled over and ticketed.

SeeClickFixer Matt Nalett originally drew attention to this problematic intersection with his SCF post five months ago. Matt was present to observe the police sting unfold last night, and wrote the following comments:

I think they had pulled over every other car -- it was crazy ... They must have pulled over about a hundred or so cars throughout the sting.

I think it's a great idea they did this sting, to be honest with you. In the time frame I have lived here, I have seen so many people almost hit or run down, it's insane.

I had even posted something about this issue way back a few months ago here is the link.

Now as you can see that was 5 months ago I had posted that thing on SeeClickFix, and now there is finally something being done about it, but how long will this last and what will be done to fully improve our corner or intersection in the long run? [edited by author]

Any suggestions for Matt on what his neighborhood can do to turn a temporary fix into a permanent one? Post them here.