Looking for Unshakable Meaning?

SeeClickFix is more than just reporting pot holes. According to Arianna Huffington, it can be part of a strategy to recuperate "unshakable meaning" in an uncertain time.

In a Huffington Post entry published Thursday afternoon, Huffington mentioned SeeClickFix as an important way to reach out and connect with community. Huffington believes that the need for community is an essential part of being human:

The longing for necessariness is in our DNA. In The Fourth Instinct, I wrote about this part of ourselves -- the instinct that compels us all to go beyond our impulses for survival, sex, and power, and drives us to expand the boundaries of our caring beyond our solitary selves to include the world around us: 'The call to community is not a hollow protestation of universal brotherhood. It is the call of our Fourth Instinct to make another's pain our own, to expand into our true self through giving. This is not the cold, abstract giving to humanity in general and to no human being in particular. It is concrete, intimate, tangible.'

By connecting community members, SeeClickFix can help fulfill this longing. Click here to read the full article.