The Perils of Dead Wood

A dead tree threatened to fall on and crush Charlotte, NC resident Art Prince's home. He tried in vain for six months to get the property owner to cut it down. After posting the issue on SeeClickFix, the tree was axed within days.

The local TV news channel WBTV chose this problem as its weekly SeeClickFix feature and was instrumental in getting it resolved. (Click here, here or here for back stories).

According to a recent news segment, the tree sat on a foreclosed property owned by Bank of America. Prince was tired of sweeping the detritus from the tree off his driveway every day and worried for his safety. He had sent several letters to BOA for months to no avail.

After WBTV got a hold of the issue on SeeClickFix, BOA suddenly had time to take care of the property. A crew was sent out almost instantly.

"What Art tried to get done in six months was done in four days" said anchor Christine Nelson.

The problem is a testament to the unique set of concerns prompted by the foreclosure crisis. Abandoned homes with absentee property owners are creating strange and uneasily resolved problems in communities around the country. And more and more people are turning to SeeClickFix as a strategy for getting these problems fixed.