Tagging San Rafael

The community page for San Rafael, CA in Marin County has become a veritable gallery for graffiti photography. I thought I'd highlight the hard work of a few local community activists (one of whom goes by the cool handle of Expert_Marksman) who are using SeeClickFix to comprehensively document the graffiti problem around their town.

Issue 35540 Blue tag on white wall

Issue 9132: Green Grafitti on east brick wall

Issue 16995: Newspaper rack graffiti

Issue 24801: Empty AT&T stations full of tags
Issue 38129: Newsrack graffiti
Issue 38133: Private Pacific Sun graffiti

Issue 38864: new SALES tag on USPS box

Issue 38873: Yellow MAPE tag on electrical control box
Issue 38874: White tags on the black base of public light pole
Issue 38876: White graffiti on black pole behind Walgreen's

Issue 38880: Yellow Donner and blue Sam tag on alley guard

Issue 38882: Black tag on trash container in Lauren Place
Issue 38896: Tag on brown Marin Sanitary Service container