SeeClickFix: Making Your Neighborhood Smell Better

Sid Burgess was walking beside the neighborhood creek with his daughter when he noticed something was amiss: a foul stench, and what appeared to be a broken sewage pipe spewing its contents into the stream. Naturally, his first instinct was to pull out his phone and report the issue through SeeClickFix.

In response, not only did Oklahoma City send out a team to inspect the leaky pipe and start running tests on its smelly discharge on the spot (see the pic below), Fox 25 KOKH-TV sent out a reporter to see what was going on and how SeeClickFix was helping out.

You can check out the video of their segment on Fox 25's website. Reporter Phil Cross explains the basics of the reporting process, and Spokeswoman Kristy Yager tells us that SeeClickfix "really does empower Oklahoma City citizens to want to beautify Oklahoma City, and that's what we're trying to do here at City Hall."

"Applications like this are perfect for the City of Oklahoma City," she goes on. Citizens often notice public-space issues before city inspectors, and SeeClickFix enables the City Government to be much more well-informed about the condition of Oklahoma City's infrastructure.

Sid wraps things up with this gem of a quote: "This kind of pushes us to be more pro-active. It makes it easy enough that there's not a good excuse not to."