SouthLake Texas Adds SeeClickFix To Their Quiver

The picturesque city of SouthLake, Texas is no stranger to getting their fix on. This city of twenty thousand boasts a ninety-three percent citizen rating on park inspections. During Funding Year 2009, SouthLake's Community Services Division logged almost twelve thousand hours of volunteer time. That translates into over a quarter million dollars in savings for the city.

Ben Thatcher, Assistant City Manager, was quick to outline a couple strengths of the SeeClickFix platform.

"We were attracted to the simplicity and transparency of it. This is another arrow in our quiver as far as what our philosphy is." Thatcher added.

Like SouthLake, communities are seeking to find mobile ways to connect with their citizens. More and more are turning to SeeClickFix Plus for their first mobile app. Features of SeeClickFix Plus includes:

  • Custom iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and app for you city.
  • Instantly Add or Remove Service Request Categories and Additional Questions.
  • Dashboard for tracking and acknowledging issues.
  • Your apps and reporting channels running within 1 hour of sign-up.

If you are interested in adding SeeClickFix Plus or any of the SeeClickFix products to your arsenal, please contact us today!