Heavy Rains bring Cleared Drains!

Flooding in New Haven continued to worsen. That is until Bill, a New Haven resident, decided to report the issue on the SeeClickFix website: "We've lived in this area for about 20 years and each year it takes longer and longer for the street to dry out after flooding. [...] The standing water interrupts traffic and makes the pot holes get worse."

A few suggested cleaning the drains as a solution. Joe, a local resident, noticed that "the stream below is running smoothly [....] This would mean that the problem is clogged drains on the street which should be a super easy fix."

After a couple months of seemingly unanswered requests, Alderwoman M. O'Sullivan-Best addressed the citizens on the SeeClickFix site. Apparently the fix had not been as simple as New Haven residents first imagined, "This item required a second RFP because of the contaminated soil on the site. It has been awarded and we can only hope that the contractor begins work shortly."

And after heavy rainfall over the last couple days, Bill closed the issue on SeeClickFix, observing that; "the road is the driest I've ever seen in years now (after last night's heavy rain)."