Feature Highlight: Incomplete Reports

You pull up to a red light and an intersection and one of red lights is out. Immediately you think, "I need to report this to my city with SeeClickFix!" You whip out your phone and fire up the SeeClickFix App. You take your picture and, uh oh...the light just turned green.

No worries! When you snap a photo using the SeeClickFix app, we automatically save the picture and your location. So when you finally reach your destination you can finish the report.  Here's how:


At the home screen, click the menu button which will bring up Incomplete Reports, Refresh, and Close.  Select Incomplete Reports you will see any started reports which will include that picture of the red light out that you just took.  

They are listed in chronological order to make it easy.  Click on your report and add that important information. This lets your local government know so they can get a crew out there in a jiffy!  Don't forget to share the issue with your friends so they can help you get that light fixed!

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