Dogs, Trees, and Your Neighborhood

This is the second dog-related SeeClickFix issue in a week to end up in the press (though I suppose it wasn't clear that the first was a dog issue until months after it was reported).

A group of volunteers used SeeClickFix to help organize a get-together last Saturday in Fair Haven's Chatham Square Park. Things got started 9 days ago when DEZ reported that some of the trees planted by URI and the city had been torn apart by pit bulls being trained to fight other dogs.

David Zakur, who organized the tree planting, was quoted in the New Haven Register: "I now have positive ID that people have seen pit bulls hanging off the limbs and tied to the trees...You can see the bite marks in the tree."

Commenters on the SeeClickFix issue's page and on the Register's article expressed outrage, both towards the abhorrent practice of dogfighting and the callous disregard for the city's newly planted trees.

Volunteers gathered in Chatham Square Park to replace the tree that was destroyed and install wire fencing to protect some of the others. Kudos to those who were willing to spend their Saturday morning working to make our community a better place!

On another note, we're starting to notice a trend seems that the communities that take care of their dogs take care of their public spaces as well. Is this a correlation, or mere coincidence?