Roots in Alpharetta

Out in the "affluent high-tech suburb" of Alpharetta, a man named Lee has things to say. Alpharetta is mostly a city of young transplants; it was named the #1 "reloville" in America in 2009 by Forbes magazine. On his blog, Roots in Alpharetta, Lee writes about settling himself and his family down in this young, dynamic Georgia city.

He recently wrote a post about Alpharetta's use of SeeClickFix that made us pretty happy to read. As an engaged citizen and a part of our nation's IT workforce, it's clear that he understands the value of SeeClickFix. I thought this last part was especially well-put:

"...I think the City of Alpharetta deserves a lot of praise. In this current political climate, citizens are demanding a lot out of government. Unfortunately that usually manifests itself in the form of ugly campaigns and fighting. What I think citizens truly want is open, transparent and responsive government, not politics."