SeeClickFix's 50,000th Issue

SeeClickFix is nearing it's 50,000th issue! If you're the lucky poster of the 50,000th issue, a wonderful prize could be yours...a whole lot of wonderful prizes, actually.

What better way to celebrate this great milestone in the history of civic-participation than by getting the citizens involved? Yes, we are in fact crowdsourcing the prize that will go to poster of the 50,000th issue.

Post a comment on the 50,000th issue's event page and tell us what you'll be giving!

Here's how it works:

We're asking all the SeeClickFixers out there to mail the prizes to us. Please, keep the gifts small (but not too small) and light (but it doesn't have to be too light). We'll put it all together at the end and mail it out to the poster (anywhere in the continental USA) as a beautiful giftbasket.

Ben has already donated the first gift, a "New Haven: it's better than your town" t-shirt.

You can mail your contributions to us at:

The SeeClickFix Team
746 Chapel St Suite 207
New Haven, CT 06510