50000: urge agua!

The 50,000th issue is in!

Lucky Fixer Miriam reported it in Ciudad Obregón, in the Mexican state of Sonora, roughly 270 miles due south of Douglas, AZ as the crow flies.

To be honest, the guys on the SeeClickFix Team had never actually heard of Ciudad Obregón...but this is what we were able to learn on wikipedia:

The city, previously named Cajeme, takes its name from Mexican Revolutionary Álvaro Obregón, a native of nearby Huatabampo, Sonora. Álvaro Obregón became president of Mexico after the Revolution and initiated an "agricultural revolution" in the Yaqui Valley, introducing modern agricultural techniques and making this valley one of the most prosperous agricultural regions in the country.

We're happy to have this opportunity to educate ourselves, but we're even more thrilled to see that SeeClickFix is catching on in faraway places without our help. The movement has moved beyond us, and the citizens are reporting issues, engaging in dialogue, and building communities using SeeClickFix - and all we need to do is stand by and watch. This really is a beautiful moment.

On to the issue itself: it was actually reported through es.seeclickfix.com, the Spanish version of SeeClickFix. You can see the google-translate version of the issue here, but the Spanish SeeClickFix site exists as a much higher quality translation, done by real human volunteers (as it also was for Danish, German, French, Italiah, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Greek, Japanese, and Chinese.)

Apparently, the streets are dusty in Ciudad Obregón. There's a man whose job it is to put down water so things don't get so dusty, and Miriam wants him to come by and do his job. You can get a sense of what she's asking for in this pic of the city plaza:
Though we had previously only promised to mail something out within the continental 48, this seems like way too cool of an opportunity to miss. The SeeClickFix Team is currently reaching out to Miriam, and we'll have an update for you when we hear back.