Richmond, VA 311 posting all service requests through SeeClickFix

Last month we signed on Richmond, VA for SeeClickFix Plus, our service which allows cities to track service requests and enable custom web reporting forms and smart phone reporting apps for their citizens.

The launch of SeeClickFix in Richmond is part of the Mayor's campaign to strengthen his office's connection to its citizens.

Richmond is the first SeeClickFix city to have its 311 call takers reporting all service request types of the nature listed below through SeeClickFix making SeeClickFix the main citizen service request tracking system for its city for only 200/month.

Below you can see a screenshot of our newest reporting widget embedded for the first time in beta on a government site. (All map widgets will look similar to this in a few weeks when we roll out our new site)

These are some of the service requests that you can report to Richmond:

  1. Potholes
  2. Overgrown Lots
  3. Abandoned Cars
  4. Non-functioning Street Lights
  5. Non-functioning Traffic Lights
  6. Trash/Bulk Pick-ups
  7. Illegal Dumping

Richmond has been a great client so far and has helped us create some enhancements to the SeeClickFix Plus account including the ability to customize the auto emails that are sent from SeeClickFix when a citizen reports an issue. Each one of these auto-replies can differ based on the service request type the citizen enters.

We're excited to add Richmond to our list of nearly 30 professional clients. At the Suggestion of Philly311's Director Rosetta Carrington Liu we will soon be adding a professional user group and forum for SCF users.