The fad of Flash Mobbing (convening suddenly in a public place to perform a random activity) has made for some great YouTube videos and testifies to the power of social media. Never has it been so easy to collect a group of people, spur of the moment, for a common cause. Now, thanks to civic-mindedness and the handy-dandy MeetUp platform, the Flash Mob has gone from pointless to productive!

We call it the Civic Flash Mob. In the spirit of community improvement, volunteers gather for a few purposeful hours to accomplish a specific goal. It's a great way to have fun and give back with your friends and neighbors. The options are endless, but SeeClickFix makes an ideal tool for a gathering like this.

julyaug2010 106 Recently in Oklahoma City, a local group of volunteers gathered solely to find and report as many area issues as possible. Using SeeClickFix, our group was able to report 19 issues in just an hour, and had fun doing it together. (We even had pizza afterwards!) The city government will be notified of these problems and will act accordingly. It would be tough accomplish that much in one evening by yourself, but a group increases productivity and the fun factor. Tangible solutions to everyday community issues -- that is the power of GOOD Mobbing with SeeClickFix.

We want to hear about your projects, too. Use (the world's largest network of local groups) to find a community improvement organization in your hometown, or create one yourself. Once you have that in place, use SeeClickFix as the focal point for a gathering. See what a difference you can make in just one evening with your group. Post the link to your Meet-up in the comments section. Let us know how it went!

Use the tools at your fingertips to create better places in your hometown. SeeClickFix is your connection to local government. is your connection to the community. And the Civic Flash Mob is a catchy idea for combining both -- the perfect union between fun and philanthropy.