It was only a matter of time…rebel crosswalk painters take to streets

It may appear slightly ironic to some that a website originally created for encouraging the removal of spray paint from a building has played an integral roll in adding spray paint to a street.

A few weeks ago there was an article in Good Magazine that highlighted citizens painting their own crosswalks in Brazil. Apparently a few SeeClickFixers have caught the same bug and have taken pedestrian safety into their own hands and into their own streets.

Witness here SeeClickFix issue number 1324. Crosswalk Faded! The issue was reported over two years ago and though it was acknowledged by the city it had yet to have been repaired.

After two years and reports of neighbors fearing for their safety it appears that someone has taken matters into their own hands an painted their own walk. I'm sure it will raise interesting debate over whether this is taking the "citizen fixing"initiative too far or is this exactly what we are pointing towards when talk about government as a platform for engagement.

I'll leave my own opinions out of this for now and just say that I'm inspired by the enthusiasm of this individual in respect to improving their community.

Your thoughts?