On the heals of the 50,000th issue reported on SeeClickFix we are excited to announce the launch of our new website this am. Its been nearly 3 years since version 1 of SeeClickFix was created and we feel like the site has come a really long way.

SeeClickFix was created out of personal frustrations in our own community and, though we had ambitions of global scale, we were never sure if SCF would be another hobby that we continued to work on nights and weekends or a business. We are excited that SeeClickFix has grown-up with the gov20 movement along with the hyper-local news movement and without the help of those involved in both spaces and our fearless early adapters the site would not be where it is today. SeeClickFix has been translated into 11 languages, is hosted on over 500 local news sites in widget form where it is viewed 50,000,000 times/month and has a fix rate of over 40% with the over 50,000 individual issues reported.

Before highlighting some of the features of the new site I wanted to thank those that have been really supportive of SeeClickFix and have guided us forward. This transformational shift in how we govern at a local level has been nurtured and celebrated by a number of progressive minds. To name a few that have supported us and the gov20 movement in the evangelist/connector role: Tim O'Reilly, Laurel Ruma, Luke Fretwell, Andrew Rasiej, Micah Sifry, Craig Newmark, Adriel Hampton, Christina Gagnier, Alan Silberberg, Lovisa, John F Moore, Alex Howard, Steve Ressler, Jennifer Pahlka, Kevin Curry, Nick Grossman, Philip Ashlock, Dominic Campbell, Ellen Miller, Clay Johnson, Mark Headd, Sid Burgess, Mark Abraham and Clay Shirky.

Of course we can not forget those inside government evangelizing and moving the open government ball forward as well. These are the people who are catching the hand grenades on the other side of the wall and pulling the pins: A special thanks to a few of them who have helped us innovate and given us credibility: Andrew Greenhill(Tucson), Dmitry Kachev and Bryan Sivak(DC) Robert Smuts and Mayor Destefano(New Haven, CT), Rosetta Carrington Liu(Philadelphia), Dustin Haisler (Manor, TX) Gurdeep Bhatia and Subhashini Narra, (Richmond, VA) and Jay Nath(San Francisco)

In regards to participatory journalism and hyper-local news has grown there have been a number of websites which have embraced the SeeClickFix widgets and have helped us develop our tools for their communities. Ted Mann at Gannett, Eric Bauer at, Brian Hamman at NyTimes, Justin Jouvenal and Cat at the Washington Post, Phil Bronstein at SFGate, Doug Hardy at Journal Inquirer, Helen Harvey, Jon Cooper and John Paton of Journal Register Co. and most importantly Melissa Bailey and Paul Bass of the New Haven Independent - All have been crucial in getting open government and SeeClickFix to the masses. Also a quick shout to Dan Kennedy and Dan Slotnik who wrote articles for the Guardian and the NyTimes respectively that helped get us known.

Also a quick shout out to those who have been on the clock for SCF over the last year: Mark Abraham, Zak Stone, Andrew Samuel, Nicole Ball, Annelies Gamble, Jennifer McFadden, Daniel Stainback (who did our redesign...don't even think of stealing him.), Sid Burgess, Kayla Vandervort, Brandon Jacobs, Steve Robinson and Dave Fisher.

Also, a huge thanks to our Angel Investors and Andrew and Dale at WeMedia for hosting the competition that launched SeeClickFix in the media world.

When you land on the new site we hope you'll find a more sophisticated and user friendly interface that will help you improve your community and spread the word about improving your community using SeeClickFix. Many of the improvements to the site are small in nature and satisfy long-time requests of users such as the ability log-in with email. Here are some of the bigger more notable features:

New Widgets: On the web, widgets are in. With the launch of the new site redesign, we improved the look, feel, and functionality of the SeeClickFix widgets. Washington Post launched their new Daily Gripe with the new widget design. Aside from the makeover, the widgets now include a search feature so visitors to your site can narrow down the issues they see. This also allows a site owner to build a map specifically centered around a single issue. Agencies and municipal departments will be able to display issues related only to their field or responsibility on their web page.

Universal API Plug-In: We have dramatically changed the way SeeClickFix integrates with internal municipal systems. Integrating SeeClickFix data feed into a CRM or work-order system is now a matter of configuration instead of coding. What once took days or weeks can now happen in hours. This dramatic leap in technology lets us confidently connect to any CRM or work-order system. Existing integrations to date include: CityWorks, Motorola, Open311 v1 and Open311 v2.

Top Performing Cities: Not everything in life is a competition, but wouldn't it be more fun if it was? Top Performing Cities provides citizens and cities alike the opportunity to see how they measure up to other communities. There are two main metrics noted here, the Community Score, and the City Score. The Community Score measures how engaged citizens and the city are. It ranks a community by the number of issues reported, users, watch areas, and comments. Philadelphia and New Haven, CT are both rocking this score so far. The City Score measures the effectiveness of the city in using SeeClickFix to address and fix reported issues. The more issues are reported and the faster an issue is solved, the higher the score. Omaha is currently in first place with the a City Score of 140 but Santa Ana is not far behind. Note: SeeClickFix will not be held responsible for rivalries created as a result of this new feature!

New Dashboard: One of the most significant changes to the website is aimed at helping cities manage and track issues more easily than ever before. Pro users are now able to quickly comment, acknowledge, and close any issue in a watch area as well as export the data they need. Going full-screen gives you the added elbow room to get the job done.

We are excited about the recent improvements to the site. Many of them are small in nature and satisfy long-time requests of users such as the ability to log-in with email.
Here are some more notable features:

  • Many more sharing features
  • Email digests and customized email response for professional users
  • Growler style, real-time updates when logged in

Please continue to give us feedback and if you like the new site launch don't be scared to share it with your friends. You are the reason that SeeClickFix works.

A sincere thank you,

Ben, Jeff, Kam, Miles, Kayla, Sid, Daniel and Brandon