SeeClickFix Helps a Fishy Situation

Eight days ago, using the SeeClickFix mobile application, a SeeClickFixer posted issue #56501"tomlinson bridge fish ramp", to complain about bags of fish heads that were left out on the fish ramp. decided to take the lead from the issue reported and decided to further investigate the fishy situation.

Starting with a simple post on SeeClickFix, the issue was then given its attention to Livable City Initiative, where their Acting Executive Director acknowledged the issue and will "consult with the other departments about longer-term solutions."

The issue was also brought to Kevin Nursick of the State Department of Transportation, who explained that like other government agencies, they too have a budget and must prioritize their responsibilities.

A possible solution to this issue was suggested by several, in response to the article posted by New Haven Independent. One user suggests to "put up a sign that says that they will be fined if they leave garbage. and or no fishing will allowed if it continues."