SCF aims to help Hurricane Karl destruction in Veracruz

On September 17th, the unfortunate destruction of Hurricane Karl left flooded streets, fallen trees, knocked down power poles, mudslides, numerous damaged properties, and thousands homeless. Thanks to a new site, administered by Ernesto Zamudio, SCF will be helping aid the efforts in Veracruz by allowing citizens to report where assistance is needed through the SCF map widget.
"In an effort to help Veracruz from this far away, I decided to create a site and searched for a web app that would go beyond posting news or just a simple chat," Ernesto told us. Once he discovered SCF, a request to create a watch area in Veracruz was posted right away.

SeeClickFix is happy to help support Veracruz and give citizens a voice during this time of disaster. Stay tuned for future updates on the status of Veracruz!