Making Infrastructure Work

What's the point of a dedicated bike lane if it's unusable?

That's the question that an article in today's New York Times raises after analyzing the results of a new report prepared by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. Among other findings, the report states that "pedestrians walk in the lanes; cyclists travel the wrong way in the lanes; cars open their doors into the lanes; motor vehicles, including police cars, taxis and other city-owned cars, park in the lanes." In short, even though dedicated bike lanes have been heralded in many cities like New York, some of these local governments may not be providing enough enforcement to make them functional for potential users.

We have an answer for you: report these problems on SeeClickFix.

Groups like Brooklyn's Community Board 14 have been working with us to integrate SeeClick Fix with their websites, so that citizens can report issues like those found by Stringer. In fact, we will be meeting with Stringer's office tomorrow afternoon to map out new strategies for his office to discover other issues affecting citizens in their community.

So keep reporting these issues! Public officials are paying attention.