An overdue welcome to Daniel from the rest of the SCF team

You may have noticed a year ago that our mobile website went from looking crappy to beautiful. You may have also noticed that our regular website got a refresh a couple of months ago. Both of those aesthetic changes were implemented by our now full-time UI designer Daniel Stainback.

The story of how Daniel came to work for SCF is similar to how Jeff and Kam came on board with SeeClickFix as well. They saw an implementation of an idea that they liked and were inspired to make it better. In Daniel's case however, he was not actually formally invited to improve on what we had created.

Daniel took the disruptive route and showed up at dinner one night baring a grin on his face and a newly redesigned SCF mobile web experience on his phone.

We were instantly blown away and asked him to get to work on integrating the skin. That mobile integration led to his work on the redesign of our site and recently a gig with SCF.

Daniel and the rest of the team bios are here