Senator From Guam Utilizes SeeClickFix

Senator Tina Muña Barnes of Guam doesn't just utilize SeeClickFix: she's promoting it as "a great way to help the mayors help their villages" according to an article released today by the Pacific News Center. The mayors of Guam are responsible for their villages much as the mayors of the continental U.S. are responsible for their cities and towns. And they face the same challenges when it comes to fixing everyday issues in their communities. Senator Barnes is enthusiastic about the ways SeeClickFix can empower the citizens of Guam. Acting as a direct connection between people and their local services, SeeClickFix routes reports to made in Guam to the appropriate mayor, or to one of the service providers like the GPA (electric provider in Guam) or the GPD (police department), among others.

Senator Barnes has served several terms in the Guam Legislature and is known for her passion for community. According to her website, Tina Muña Barnes "is committed to public service and continues to remain active with a variety of community service groups and organizations." She has also "worked hard this past term to ensure that residents have a strong and capable voice in government." That's exactly what SeeClickFix is about: getting citizens involved in the work of improving their neighborhoods and cities. No wonder the Senator is advocating the platform -- it just works, and it works across all cultures and government types. She will be presenting SeeClickFix to the Mayor's Council of Guam tomorrow.