Philly sets standards, provides feedback

Philadelphia has been a friend to the cause of SeeClickFix as we've worked to improve communities and promote open government. The city's reporting platform, Philly311, has been acknowledging issues through SeeClickFix, but their commitment to integration and open data has gone above and beyond mere citizen reporting.

Last spring, the Philadelphia Bike Coalition established watch areas of their own, and actively encouraged cyclist participation in the improvement of Philly roads. Later that year, we were thrilled to see a non-profit environmental group (IdleFreePhilly) tag-teaming with the city government by taking responsibility for certain types of reports. What stellar initiative! Philadelphia has really set the tone for maximizing the benefits of SeeClickFix, which has provided an example for other communities and increased awareness of our services too.

And the city continues to promote smart answers to pressing issues, empowering citizens and leaders alike. Last month, Mayor Michael Nutter welcomed a number of mayors and CIOs from across the nation to the Mayors' Technology Summit, an event to encourage the use of relevant IT solutions for cities. Topics included mobilizing city workforces, embedding smart technologies in key city operations, and connecting to urban residents through the Internet.

In keeping with this spirit of collaboration, SeeClickFix is always open for comments, opinions, and ideas for improvements. Our friends at Philly311 recently suggested a feature which has now been implemented -- the ability to "hide" an issue on the Dashboard. To reduce clutter or temporarily remove an issue from "front and center" (perhaps for long-term or extra-involved projects), an administrator may choose to "hide" it from the primary issue list until it's ready to be addressed.

This is really what SeeClickFix has been about from its inception -- working together to improve communities, without a lot of fuss about who gets credit. The focus is where it should be -- on results. We continue to welcome comments, constructive criticism, and new ideas. Thanks to Philly311 for helping us get closer to our goal of providing an adaptable and relevant tool that meets the needs of each unique community.