Newberg loves citizen involvement — so does SeeClickFix

We are honored to recognize Newberg, Oregon as recent partners of SeeClickFix. As you will see, this community is all about citizen participation. And so are we!

Newberg is a small but vibrant community with big dreams for the future. Conveniently situated just 25 miles southwest of Portland, Oregon, yet surrounded by a greenbelt of farmland and forest, Newberg retains a sense of place that makes citizens feel part of something special. And they are indeed. Newberg is a fast-growing, business-friendly city that still understands the value of citizen involvement.

The participation and input of citizens is a vital part of any community's future. When the people have a voice in the actions and plans of the city, municipal leaders gain a unique perspective and a relationship with their citizens that promotes smart, organic growth. Newberg administrators have this figured out, so it's no surprise they are integrating SeeClickFix into the workings of their service departments. Community reporting is the perfect complement to their citizen-focused approach.

SeeClickFix is just one way the people of Newberg can participate in local affairs. The city was recently presented a "STAR Award for Community Involvement," a recognition of exemplary efforts to involve citizens in a land use planning process. Newberg ran a public outreach campaign to get feedback on their 30-year community growth plan.

Partnering with the Downtown Coalition and other organizations, the City of Newberg is currently running a "Cultural Center Plaza Survey," which involves plans for the revitalization of the area around the Newberg Library and the Chehalem Cultural Center. Inviting feedback and ideas of from its citizens, the community will benefit from multi-faceted, creative participation.

That's our vision too, from the perspective of fixing issues (big or small). The city officials alone are hard-working; the citizens alone are well-intentioned. Bringing them together with a platform that makes communication easy, we hope to provide a powerful tool for growth and improvement, for any city like Newberg -- one that recognizes the change-effecting value of citizen involvement.