Civic Group Grows with SeeClickFix

Local governments across the country are cutting back. While these cuts can strain a city's ability to provide services, they also present city residents with opportunities to become more engaged and fill in the gaps with civic action. That's what we're seeing in Philadelphia, and SeeClickFix is proud to help.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter announced a series of budget cuts in May, including about $1.7 million to an office that oversees the city's Town Watch Integrated Services. The program works with local residents to help them patrol their own neighborhoods and create safer communities. In the face of these cuts though, one civic group in Philadelphia is still growing.

The Passyunk Square Town Watch is recruiting members, reporting issues, and working to help solve them. By working through SeeClickFix, their group just gained one more partner: SCF user Bob Shipman. Bob has been reporting issues in the group's watch area and recently contacted the group's leadership to get more involved. This is exactly how ordinary citizens can work together to change their communities.

Keep up the good work!