Neighbors helping Neighbors to get their heat on in NYC

Thanks to Penny Fearon and another neighbor's heat in NYC is on. A neighbor reported that their building did not have heat or hot water on the SCF widget embedded in Penny's website. Penny acted on behalf of the reporter and called the landlord herself to see if they could get the heat on and with much success.

In New York City this is a phone call that would take 15 minutes to report to the the City which would then in turn might create a notice or fine against the landlord. The whole process for a single issue could cost the city hundreds of dollars. (Speculative opinion based on conversations with municipal workers) Aside from the cost savings there is the added benefit, through public documentation, of showing others that problems like this can be resolved by speaking up. A sort-of viral feedback loop through the network created on SeeClickFix.

We love Penny and Heatwatch. If you want to help her help other neighbors, you can contact her at

Check out the fixed issue at