Nicco Mele Highlights SeeClickFix in Parker Spitzer Interview

Today SeeClickFix was mentioned in the Parker Spitzer blog "Mele: Give Assange internet access." For a Parker Spitzer exclusive blog post, leading expert in social media and Web 2.0 politics, Nicco Mele was interviewed with five "OFF-SET" questions, one of them which prompted Mele to highlight SeeClickFix.

Mele was asked "do you think the internet is turning us into more informed citizens and improving the civility of our society - or is it helping segregate Americans into separate groups based on what people say they believe?"

Mele responded, "When I look at the wide range of exciting and engaging things happening online to better engage citizens - projects like SeeClickFix and Wikipedia - I think that the internet is transforming our society for the better." Mele further explained how he believes the internet will be the "engine for civic innovation."

SeeClickFix thanks Mele for the mention, we love it!

Check out Mele's appearance on the Parker Spitzer show on CNN tonight at 8pm ET and 5pm PT.