Proactive Community Group in DC Using SeeClickFix

Meridian Hill Park, Washington DC

Yet another community group is using SeeClickFix to report issues -- the Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association (MHNA). This non-profit, forward-thinking organization is dedicated to the improvement and beautification of the community surrounding Meridian Hill Park in Washington, DC. The boundaries of MNHA are relatively small (a few miles square) but these civic-minded citizens make a big impact on their corner of the world. Taking responsibility for their area, encouraging public involvement -- those are a few our favorite things! Naturally, SeeClickFix is proud to help MNHA in their efforts to create a better community.

The association has been working tirelessly to foster relationships between neighbors, businesses, developers, schools, churches, and local government. Toward that end, MNHA heads up all kinds of involvement projects: litter clean-up, lobbying for green spaces and walkable areas, "meet & greet" with local officials, and more. Their website is a valuable resource for citizens, featuring meeting agendas, local business listings, and an informative blog, along with pertinent city info like weather and holiday trash schedules.

SeeClickFix is a great tool for such a proactive group. MNHA created a watch area for their boundaries, so they can follow issues within the area and keep group members aware of local activity. Plus, a reporting widget on the MNHA website is coming soon. Community groups using SeeClickFix help to foster citizen involvement. We're excited to be part of what MNHA is doing in their area. Welcome aboard and keep up the great work!