Huntington, NY fixes problems FAST!

Residents of Huntington, NY are speaking up via SeeClickFix -- and local authorities are stepping up fast! It's impressive to see local government responding to issues in such a timely manner. Huntington authorities have been wisely delegating the problems that are reported, which boosts the feel of collaboration and engagement within the town.

For instance, when a traffic light problem was reported about a month ago, the issue was sent to the director of transportation for Huntington, who promptly routed it to the New York State DOT. The light was fixed within a few days. The grateful citizen closed the issue, and all was well again at the intersection of Eldorado Dr. and the Jericho Turnpike!

In another case, a tenant reported "No heat or hot water" at an apartment complex. The problem was fixed in ONE DAY with the help of another 311 platform, HeatWatchNYC, which was created specifically to address heating and water issues in New York City and operates similarly to SeeClickFix. It's great to see this kind of teamwork in addressing community problems.

Huntington is a unique and forward-thinking town, interested in utilizing technology to improve the community. The Huntington Water Treatment Plant has become the first location in the country to install a new technology compressor in one of the plant's blowers, which is projected to save around $80,000 a year. The town is also working on a major renovation of Betty Allen Park Preserve, a popular hiking and nature observation area with a freshwater pond for fishing. In addition, Huntington has released several open datasets through their online library to help citizens find community info and forms.

Helping and empowering citizens is obviously a priority in Huntington, NY. It's our top priority too! We look forward to working with Huntington to solve more issues FAST.