Getting ready for pothole season

Get ready folks, pothole season has approached, and SeeClickFix is ready for it. Who else is ready?
According to the Seattle Times, starting today, Seattle also prepared to address pothole season by sending out "Pothole Rangers" to make repairs. Thankfully, the citizens of Seattle can report their pothole issues straight through the SeeClickFix map widget that is embedded on the Seattle Times site.
The Maple Leaf blog of Seattle helped publicize this upcoming pothole season by asking citizens to report potholes in their area. After making the request, according to Maple Leaf, "Suddenly, our Maple Leaf watch area on lit up. A number of the reports are outside the neighborhood proper, but we all drive these streets."

So, are you ready to report potholes in your community? Embed the SeeClickFix Map widget to your site to become fully prepared for this upcoming pothole season!