The “Idea Greenhouse” Is SeeClickFix-ing In Downtown Durham

The "Idea Greenhouse" began with -- well, an idea. Specifically, the idea of "growing a creative culture in downtown Durham, NH by providing a space to connect people." Tom Elliott, digital evangelist and idea maven who lives and writes in Durham, realized the community was home to dozens of creative starters and entrepreneurs who were still working out of coffee shops or locked in their home offices talking to the walls. So he founded the Idea Greenhouse with a view to giving the creative community of Durham a physical home where concepts and projects could come to life, where conversations among smart people could spark even more progress.

Elliott arranged for office cubicles, "drop-in" style workspaces, meeting rooms, a coffeepot and restroom -- in short, a workplace where people could connect and collaborate. The Greenhouse started small just six months ago, but experienced a huge response from the community and is now partnering with the University of New Hampshire in re-locating to a bigger and better idea-hatching space. Looks like Durham has the potential to become a hub of entrepreneurial energy -- because somebody had a good idea and worked hard to make it a reality.

That's the kind of story we love here at SeeClickFix -- citizens taking the initiative to make good things happen instead of waiting around for someone else to do it. Naturally we were tickled to find that Elliott was touting SeeClickFix on his blog, encouraging the Idea Greenhouse community to report issues using the widget or their mobile phones. Durham, as Elloitt explains in his post, is a small college town with 6000+ students and brisk New England winds that often cause considerable accumulation of debris in the downtown streets. Elliott's hope is that with the help of SeeClickFix and the responsive civic staff, real improvements can be made in the town's core. We're honored to be part of the process, and glad to come alongside Tom Elliott and the Idea Greenhouse in "improving downtown Durham one click at a time."