The Ultimate Snowstorm Tool: SeeClickFix

As the winter plows through, snow season continues to bring numerous unplowed streets, parking lots and icy roads. Mother nature hit the east coast last week with a huge blizzard, and she was ready to hit again last weekend.

So why is SeeClickFix the ultimate snow storm tool? As snow plows gear up to clean up the new snowfall, SeeClickFix users can prepare by warming up their fingers and get ready to report their local snow issues through our SeeClickFix mobile app, clicking onto our website, or reporting through one of our widgets. Once the issues are reported, local government officials that are monitoring their city or town will be notified!

So who is ready for this snow storm? The Trentonian recently published an article giving their users a snow survival guide and suggested that once the snow storm blows over, users should turn to their SeeClickFix map widget to report unplowed streets.

Keep ahead this snow season and use SeeClickFix to help keep your streets plowed and safe!