The Washington Post gripes about fallen trees

The Washington Post recently investigated SeeClickFix issue "Tree Removal" on their Daily Gripe. With the help of SeeClickFix, user Jason Anderson reported the fallen trees in Anacostia and got a timely response from DC 311.
Jason reported, "we have a dead tree whos limbs break and fall, I have conted DCRA, MAYORS office and DPW nothing has been doe since the big snowlast Feb recently a branch fell and hit a child playing on the side walk, I call 311 got no help, I sent pics to show we wave a deaf child on this street still no help."
After investigation, the Washington Post found two interesting facts for its citizens. First, issues regarding fallen trees on public property should be reported to the Urban Forestry Administration, a division of the District Department of Transportation. Second, for debris removal, citizens should report to 311 where the Department of Public Works will work to address and clean-up debris in public property. The Washington post says that "Yes, we're confused too."
What lesson can be learned through the Washington Posts's investigation? It's helpful for citizens to also become familiar with their own public officials so they know who to follow up with when they have a problem. This way both the community and government officials can more efficiently engage with each other.